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Sciences and Mathematics

Office of the Dean
College of the Sciences and Mathematics
Wayne Hall, Room 630
125 West Rosedale Avenue
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-3521 

2018 Faculty Publications

  • Adams, D. A., Fish, F. E., Zue, R., & Bart-Smith, H. (2018, March). Properties and functions of tendons in the cetacean peduncle. In Integrative and Comparative Biology (Vol. 58, pp. E2-E2). Oxford Univ Press Inc.
  • Ayancik, F., Moored, K., & Fish, F. E. (2018). Disentangling the Relation Between the Planform Shape and Swimming Gait in Cetacean Propulsion. In 2018 Fluid Dynamics Conference (p. 2914).
  • Barth, R. (2018). Beer Conditioning, Aging, and Spoilage. In M. Bordiga (Ed.), Post-Fermentation and -Distillation Technology: Stabilization, Aging, and Spoilage (Chapter 6). CRC Press.
  • Brown, E. D., Garnett, M., Velazquez-Martin, B., & Mellor, T. (2018). The art of Head Start: Intensive arts integration associated with advantage in school readiness for economically disadvantaged children. Early Childhood Research Quarterly.
  • Calcagno, C., Lairez, O., Hawkins, J., Kerr, S. W., Dugas, M. S., Simpson, T., ... & Purushothaman, K. (2018). Combined PET/DCE-MRI in a Rabbit Model of Atherosclerosis: Integrated Quantification of Plaque Inflammation, Permeability, and Burden During Treatment With a Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase Inhibitor. JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging, 11(2), 291-301.
  • Chang, J., & Samson, F. L. (2018). Ethnically heterogeneous friendships and symptoms of depression and anxiety among Filipino Americans. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 9(2), 158-168.
  • Costa, D., Davis, V., Gill, K., Hinkle, G., & Reid, L. (2018). Eulerian properties of non-commuting and non-cyclic graphs of finite groups. Communications in Algebra, 46(6), 2659-2665.
  • Costa, D. P., Maresh, J. L. (2018). Energetics. In W. F. Perrin, B. Würsig, & J. G. M. Thewissen (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals (pp. 329-335). Academic Press.
  • Crits-Christoph, P., Wadden, S., Gaines, A., Rieger, A., Gallop, R., McKay, J. R., & Gibbons, M. B. C. (2018). Symptoms of anhedonia, not depression, predict the outcome of treatment of cocaine dependence. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.
  • Field, L. M., Fagerberg, W. R., & Böttger, S. A. (2018). Survey for the presence of a vitronectin–like protein in micro‐and macroalgae and cyanobacteria. Journal of Phycology, 54(2), 299-303.
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  • Fish, F. E. (2018). Streamlining. In W. F. Perrin, B. Würsig, & J. G. M. Thewissen (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals (pp. 951-954). Academic Press.
  • Fish, F. E., Kolpas, A., Crossett, A., Dudas, M. A., Moored, K. W., & Bart-Smith, H. (2018). Kinematics of swimming of the manta ray: three-dimensional analysis of open water maneuverability. Journal of Experimental Biology, jeb-166041.
  • Fish, F. E., Muthukrishnan, R., & Hauser, N. (2018, March). Fluke Flexibility during Propulsion in Neonate and Adult Humpback Whales. In Integrative and Comparative Biology (Vol. 58, pp. E65-E65). Oxford Univ Press Inc.
  • Fish, F. E., Williams, T. M., Sherman, E., Moon, Y. E., Wu, V., & Wei, T. (2018). Experimental Measurement of Dolphin Thrust Generated during a Tail Stand Using DPIV. Fluids, 3(2), 33.
  • Gough, W. T., Fish, F. E., Wainwright, D. K., & Bart‐Smith, H. (2018). Morphology of the core fibrous layer of the cetacean tail fluke. Journal of Morphology, 279(6), 757-765.
  • Guzmán, S. G. (2018). Monte Carlo evaluations of methods of grade distribution in group projects: simpler is better. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 1-15.
  • Harned, M. S., Gallop, R. J., & Valenstein-Mah, H. R. (2018). What changes when? The course of improvement during a stage-based treatment for suicidal and self-injuring women with borderline personality disorder and PTSD. Psychotherapy Research, 28(5), 761-775.
  • Henning, M. A., Krägeloh, C. U., Booth, R., Hill, E. M., Chen, J., & Webster, C. (2018). An exploratory study of the relationships among physical health, competitiveness, stress, motivation, and grade attainment: Pre-medical and health science students. Asia Pacific Scholar: Medical and Health Professions Education, 3(3), 5-16.
  • Hill, E. M., & Watkins, K. (2018). Development and initial validation of the appropriate antibiotic use self-efficacy scale. Patient Education and Counseling, 101(10), 1838-1845. doi: 10.1016/j.pec.2018.05.020.
  • Inaba, T., Kojima, T., Yamashita, G., Matsubara, E., Mitchell, B., Miyagawa, R., ... & Fujiwara, Y. (2018). Quantitative study of energy-transfer mechanism in Eu, O-codoped GaN by time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy. Journal of Applied Physics, 123(16), 161419.
  • Johnston, S. L., Auld, J., Knabb, M., & Rieser-Danner, L. (2018, March). Evolution misconceptions most improved by implementation of an inquiry-based curriculum: Additional insights. In American Journal of Human Biology (Vol. 30, No. 2). Wiley.
  • Keefe, J. R., Milrod, B. L., Gallop, R., Barber, J. P., & Chambless, D. L. (2018). What is the effect on comorbid personality disorder of brief panic‐focused psychotherapy in patients with panic disorder? Depression and Anxiety, 35(3), 239-247.
  • Koch, K. G., Donze-Reiner, T., Baird, L. M., Louis, J., Amundsen, K., Sarath, G., ... & Heng-Moss, T. (2018). Evaluation of Greenbug and Yellow Sugarcane Aphid Feeding Behavior on Resistant and Susceptible Switchgrass Cultivars. BioEnergy Research, 1-11.
  • Kolasinski, K. W., Knight, S. C., & Unger, B. A. (2018). Crystallographically Defined Silicon Macropore Membranes. Open Material Sciences, 4(1), 33-41.
  • Kolasinski, K. W., Unger, B. A., Yu, H., Ernst, A. T., Aindow, M., Mäkilä, E., & Salonen, J. (2018). Hierarchical Porous Silicon and Porous Silicon Nanowires Produced with Regenerative Electroless Etching (ReEtching) and Metal Assisted Catalytic Etching (MACE). ECS Transactions, 86(1), 65-70.
  • Krägeloh, C. U., Medvedev, O. N., Hill, E. M., Webster, C., Booth, R. J., & Henning, M. A. (2018). Improving measurement of trait competitiveness: A Rasch analysis of the Revised Competitiveness Index with samples from New Zealand and United States university students. Psychological Reports. doi: 10.1177/0033294118762548.
  • Kriebel, D. K. & Brown, E. D. (2018). Parent teaching, cumulative instability, and school readiness for children attending Head Start preschool. Early Child Development and Care, 1-10.
  • Kumar, V. K. (2018, February 2). A Legendary Creative Math Genius: Srinivasa Ramanujan. Retrieved from
  • Kwon, B. O., Kim, H. C., Koh, C. H., Ryu, J., Son, S., Kim, Y. H., & Khim, J. S. (2018). Development of temperature-based algorithms for the estimation of microphytobenthic primary production in a tidal flat: A case study in Daebu mudflat, Korea. Environmental Pollution, 241, 115-123.
  • Lakhel, E., & McKibben, M. A. (2018). Existence of solutions for fractional neutral functional differential equations driven by fBm with infinite delay. Stochastics, 90(3), 313-329.
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  • McCauley, E., Berk, M. S., Asarnow, J. R., Adrian, M., Cohen, J., Korslund, K., ... Gallop, R., Linehan, M. M. (2018). Efficacy of dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents at high risk for suicide: a randomized clinical trial. JAMA Psychiatry.
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  • Mitchell, B., Herrmann, E., Lin, J., Gomez, L., De Weerd, C., Fujiwara, Y., ... & Gregorkiewicz, T. (2018). Measuring the Practical Particle-in-a-Box: Orthorhombic Perovskite Nanocrystals. European Journal of Physics.
  • Moriarty, H., Winter, L., Short, T. H., & True, G. (2018). Exploration of factors related to depressive symptomatology in family members of military veterans with traumatic brain injury. Journal of Family Nursing, 24(2), 184-216.
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  • Pagán, O. R. (2018). Strange Survivors: How Organisms Attack and Defend in the Game of Life. BenBella Books.
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