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General Scheduling

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NOTICE: WCU email is our primary and official form of communication.

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General Information

NOTE: for Veterans/Military Priority Scheduling please see the Military page.

All students, please check your myWCU account for your scheduling time (enrollment appointment). Your enrollment appointment time does NOT mean that you have an appointment with your advisor on that day/time.

  • Your enrollment appointment time is the first time you can enroll in classes for the upcoming term.
  • You will see your appointment date and time on your myWCU account on the right-hand side under the header "When can I register for classes?"

What do I need to do to be able to register?

  1. Make sure all change of major/minor forms have been submitted and processed. You can check your myWCU account to see if your new major is on your record.
  2. Run a Degree Progress Report from myWCU to check your academic progress. Bring this report with you when you meet with your advisor.
  3. Schedule an appointment with your advisor 7-10 days in advance of your enrollment appointment time to discuss what classes you will be taking. Your advisor will then lift the "NEN ADVISOR Scheduling Hold" on your account so that you can schedule at your designated time.
  4. If you are obtaining teacher certification along with your Bachelor's degree, you need to also meet with your Education advisor.
  5. Take care of any other holds on your account so you are not prevented from scheduling.
  6. At the time of your enrollment appointment, login to your myWCU account and register for classes.

Wait Lists in myWCU

How does wait list work?

  • Wait lists are set on select courses. Not all courses will have a wait list available.
  • Once a class reaches its maximum enrollment, eligible students who attempt to add the class will have an opportunity to enroll onto the wait list.
  • Students are permitted to wait list up to 7 credit hours.
  • If a seat becomes available in the class, students on the wait list will be enrolled into the course.
    • Students will receive an email via their WCU email account letting them know if they were enrolled into the course.
    • Students will receive an email via their WCU email account letting them know if an attempt was made to enroll them into the course and what prevented their enrollment.
      • It is the students’ responsibility to make the necessary changes to their schedule to allow for enrollment next time a seat becomes available or drop the wait listed course.
  • The last day students are able to enroll onto a course’s wait list is the Friday before the start of classes.
  • If students are no longer interested in being on a wait list, it is the students’ responsibility to drop the course.
  • The wait list process will continue to run throughout the Add/Drop period.

Important things to know about the wait list:

  • The last day to enroll onto the wait list is the Friday before the start of classes.
  • You must drop a wait list request if you no longer want to take the course.
  • The wait list is prioritized based on the date students enroll onto the wait list. The wait list process will try to enroll students based on their position on the wait list. Below are some reasons why students may not be enrolled into the class:
    • The wait listed course meeting pattern conflicts with another course the student is enrolled in.
    • Enrolling the student into the wait listed course would cause the student to exceed the maximum allowable credits (18 credit hours for full-time students during fall & spring and 11.50 credit hours for part-time students during fall & spring).
    • The student is enrolled in another section of the wait listed course.
  • If the wait list process attempts to enroll a student into a class and is unable to because of one of the above reasons- the system will send the student an email making them aware of the conflict.

Learn how to enroll onto wait lists in myWCU.

Enrollment Permissions in myWCU

Departments may grant students permission to enroll in and/or drop restricted courses via enrollment permissions. Enrollment permissions permit students to continue with self-registration in instances where they would otherwise encounter an error message.

Permissions may be issued in order to: override co- or pre-requisites, grant department or instructor consent, and allow students to enroll in closed courses.

Learn how enrollment permissions work in myWCU.

Enrollment Appointments

The Registrar's office assigns registration appointments to all students.

  • In late-September appointments are assigned for the upcoming winter and spring terms.
  • In early February appointments are assigned for the upcoming summer and fall terms.

Once registration appointments are assigned they will be visible to students in their myWCU account. Students will see their appointment date and time in their myWCU account on the right-hand side under the header “When do I schedule” Enrollment Appointment time does not mean that students have an appointment with their advisor on that day/time.

Students' enrollment appointment time is the first time students are eligible to enroll in courses for that term. Once the appointment time begins students can continue to adjust their schedules until the add/drop deadline. Registration appointments are based on student standing determined by the number of semester hours of completed credits.

Please consult the Undergraduate Catalog to see how student standing is defined. Please consult the Guidelines for Priority Scheduling Eligibility for information on who is eligible for priority registration appointments.

First Year Scheduling

Why do I have a hold? All incoming students have a hold on their accounts to prevent schedule changes until the beginning of the fall semester. At that time, students may participate in the add/drop session. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisors prior to making any changes.

Please note the office of the Registrar is unable to lift the scheduling hold on students prior to the start of classes. Students are encouraged to contact their advisor, or academic department for scheduling assistance.

  • Incoming first years are scheduled by WCU staff as a block prior to first year orientation, which takes place in June. Schedules are created for students based on their majors, test scores, and other pertinent information. Learn more about First Year Scheduling.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) scores are posted in mid- July, and schedules are automatically changed to address any credit duplications.
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